Discover the beauty of the Douro Valley and find exclusive tips for an unforgettable stay, enjoying unique moments in one of the most charming places in the interior of Portugal.

Father's Day


The Douro "Quintas" offer you the chance to get to know the Alto Douro Wine Region and celebrate this special date by tasting the region's wines. You can also enjoy special moments with your father, in an atmosphere of adventure and fun with river activities. Find out all about our suggestions.

Best restaurants to try Douro's typical gastronomy

Discover the traditional Douro gastronomy and the diversity of flavours that celebrate the simplicity and beauty of Douro Valley. Enjoy this gastronomic journey with the region's best wines and visit the restaurants that most reflect the Douro's gastronomic heritage.

The 6 must-see attractions in the Douro Valley

Visit the city known for being the capital of the wine region, travel back in time on a train built in 1925, take a ride on the typical Douro river boats, visit the largest open-air museum of Palaeolithic art, or travel along the road that was elected the best for driving in the world. Discover all these attractions that make the Douro region memorable and totally irresistible.

Five Interesting Facts about Douro Valley

The Douro is famous for being the "Enchanted Valley", not only for the beauty of the vineyard landscapes that fascinate all those who visit the region, but also for the many mysteries transported over time that make this region unique and full of special curiosities.

Harvest in the Douro Quintas


Discover the unique stories, traditions and techniques of wine production, passed down through several generations, by joining the Douro harvest.

What to do in Douro in 1 day

For all those who have only one day in the Douro, we highlight the most beautiful spots and some memorable activities to do in the region.

“Caminho dos Monges” Route

Discover the “Caminho dos Monges” route - a 42 km path, between Lamego and Tarouca. Taking this route is to experience the entrepreneurial spirit of the “Ordem de Cister” Monks, who shaped the region, by cultivating land and vineyards, and creating an unique historical and monumental heritage.

Viewpoints to visit for an unforgettable weekend

When exploring the Douro region, there are several viewpoints that offer you absolutely breathtaking views of the Douro landscape.
The viewpoints provide you with impressive panoramic views of the vineyards, the Douro River, and the surrounding valleys, revealing the beauty and harmony of this unique region of the world.
Get ready for an unforgettable experience, full of moments of tranquility and connection with nature.

Seven Unforgettable "Quintas" in Douro Valley

If you're in the Douro Valley, or if you intend to visit this stunning region, you can't miss the “Quintas" that most characterize this region. Besides the exceptional wines and traditional flavors of Douro, the Quintas of the Valley offer you a unique experience, with stunning landscapes and a unforgettable traditional architecture.