Quinta d'Origem

Quinta D'Origem is 40 minutes away from Lamego Hotel & Life.
This magnificent Quinta is located near the Miradouro Casal de Loivos, awarded by BBC London as one of the most beautiful viewpoints in the world.
The wine production - red wine, white wine, and rosé wine - and regional products of the Douro, such as olive oil, traditionally produced, stands out for its quality.
Quinta D'Origem offers you a unique experience where you can visit the olive oil museum, and enjoy the magnificent landscape of Douro River.
During the visit, you're invited to taste the DOC wines, olive oil, honey, and cheese surrounded by landscapes that have crossed generations, and whose grapes are the soul of the precious nectar.

Quinta Sta. Eufémia

Here we can find the "Pombalino" mark (demarcation of Douro fortified wine zone) number 27, the last of the 1st demarcation.
Located on the left side of Douro river, it produces some of the richest grapes varieties, spread over 45 hectares of vineyard.
Their wines are made in the traditional way, with grapes crushed in granite mills in order to extract the best components of the wine.
The aging of the wine is made in oak barrels, and then, there's a selection in order to find the perfect blend.
During the visit, you're invited to taste Port wine, table wine, cheese, regional bread, olive oil, and jam.

Quinta da Portela

Quinta da Portela is 10 minutes away from Lamego Hotel & Life.
The perfect color combination of the terraced vineyards mark the surrounding valleys and all who pass by.
Visitors to Quinta da Portela can enjoy the tranquility of the outdoor spaces and gardens of the property, or just relax in a beautiful and panoramic view of Douro Valley landscape.
The cheese, wine, sparkling wine, and port wine tasting, make the visit a unique experience, that will last forever in the memory of its visitors.

Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo

Quinta Nova De Nossa Senhora do Carmo is 50 minutes away from Lamego Hotel & Life.
At the Quinta, nature is the genesis of great wines.
The harvest respects the natural maturation of the grapes in each of the 41 traditional plots, in order to achieve extraordinary wines with a well-defined character and a perfect balance between elegance and harmony.
Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo offers you an authentic and rare experience, where you are invited to taste DOC wines and Port wine, where the fruity aromas of the wines blend with the breathtaking landscape of Douro Valley.

Quinta Seara d'Ordens

Quinta Seara D'Ordens is 30 minutes away from Lamego Hotel & Life.
This emblematic 18th century Quinta, located in the heart of Douro, is a reference in the production of quality Douro Wines and Port Wines.
With an area of 60 hectares, and a centennial viticultural tradition, Quinta Seara D'Ordens has a privileged location at an altitude of half hillside in a south-western exposure, embracing the perfect conditions for the production of highest quality grapes.
During the visit, you will enjoy DOC wines, Port wines, and olive oil characteristic of the traditional Portuguese gastronomy.

Quinta do Bucheiro

Quinta do Bucheiro is 40 minutes away from Lamego Hotel & Life.
With more than 250 years, Quinta do Bucheiro continues to proudly belong to the same family, and to keep the tradition: producing wines with higher quality.
Situated in one of the most famous sub-regions of Douro Demarcated Region, recognized for its exposure to the east, the Quinta is covered by a microclimate that contributes to the typicity and differentiation of its wines.
In Quinta do Bucheiro, you'll have the opportunity to live a true sensory experience, that will take you on a journey through Douro Valley nature, with the tasting of sparkling wine, red wine, white wine, moscatel, and cheese.

Quinta H.O

Quinta H.O is 40 minutes away from Lamego Hotel & Life.
With a history dating back to 1791, Horta Osório Wines was built in the granite of the centuries-old of the "Quinta do Pontão da Cumieira", and produces excellent wines.
Today, three centuries later, H.O. has a rigorous and protective vision of the Douro ecosystem and traditions, in the vineyard and in the winery.
This philosophy is reflected in H.O. wines, whose identity is marked by the unique characteristics of the location, the century-old vineyards that carry the essence of the Douro and the grape varieties that find their best expression here.
During the visit, you are invited to learn about the winery's secrets and enjoy its wines, accompanied by a panoramic view of the valleys and mountains that extend from the depths of the Corgo river to the top of the Marão mountains.