Douro viewpoints are stunning viewpoints that offer breathtaking views of the magnificent Douro River and the landscape that surrounds it.
Situated in one of the most beautiful and emblematic regions of Portugal, the viewpoints are true panoramic views of the rolling hills, the river, the valleys, the amazing vegetation, and the typical vineyards of the region.
If you are in the Douro region, you cannot miss this unique opportunity to live an authentic experience of connection with nature.

"Olhos do Tua" Viewpoint


The "Olhos do Tua" viewpoint has a panoramic view of the Tua valley.
It is the perfect place to contemplate the sunset, alone, with family or friends, and enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty of the river.
Around it, there are several facilities for visitors, such as benches and rest areas, which allow you to enjoy the surrounding view and the serenity of the place for a longer time.

"São Salvador do Mundo" Viewpoint


Located in S. João da Pesqueira, the viewpoint of "S. Salvador do Mundo", has as landscape of the Douro River valley.
The huge slopes that contrast with the vineyards, olive trees and fruit orchards define the landscape.
At the bottom of the landscape you can see the "Valeira" dam and the historic "Cachão da Valeira", famous for being the place where the Baron of Forrester died.
From the viewpoint, you can also discover some villages and other viewpoints that give color to some of the highest points of the hills.

"São Leonardo de Galafura" Viewpoint


"São Leonardo de Galafura" viewpoint is a stunning and emblematic place. It is located at an altitude of approximately 640 meters, which provides magnificent views.
This is one of the most beautiful viewpoints of the entire Douro region, where Miguel Torga, one of the greatest Portuguese writers of the twentieth century, called "excess of nature", precisely because of its magnificent views over the Douro valley and the river that crosses it, which surprise anyone who passes by.

"Casal de Loivos" Viewpoint


This viewpoint, awarded by BBC London as one of the most beautiful in the world, is located in the village of Casal de Loivos, where you can see the Douro valley and the Pinhão village.
Your senses will be amazed by the various scents, sounds, and views of nature that surround this place.
Besides the breathtaking landscape, the viewpoint has an atmosphere of tranquility and serenity, where silence is only interrupted by the soft and beautiful sounds of nature.

"Ujo" Viewpoint


"Ujo" viewpoint is another excellent point to admire the landscape of the Tua valley.
It is located between the villages of São Mamede de Ribatua and Safres, in the municipality of Alijó.
This is one of the Tua's viewpoints, most visited by tourists, for its landscape of rare beauty.
"Ujo" viewpoint is a must-see destination for all nature lovers, photographers and those who wish to experience the magnificence and tranquility of the Douro.