A day in the Douro region is an amazing and memorable experience.
Douro is known for its stunning landscapes, where the vineyards and the river transmit a unique feeling of tranquility and connection with nature.
For all those who have only one day in the Douro, we highlight the most beautiful spots and some memorable activities to do in the region.

Rabelo Boat Trip and Canoeing


Enjoy an exciting water adventure in an unforgettable canoeing trip along the Douro River.
This trip starts by rabelo boat in the picturesque Pinhão village to Tua. In the Tua valley, begins the canoe trip to Pinhão.
During the trip, you can observe the various points of interest in the region, and be amazed by the river margins full of vineyard landscapes.

Visit to the "Quinta Nova de Nossa Senhora do Carmo"


Located on the hillsides of the Douro river, the "Quinta de Nossa Senhora do Carmo" has a stunning landscape, with vineyards extending to the surrounding hills.
Live an authentic and rare experience, where you are invited to visit this century-old Quinta and taste the fruity aromas of its best DOC wines and Port wine.

Boat Trip


Enjoy a boat ride from Pinhão to Tua. Arriving at Tua, you will have the opportunity to explore more of this charming valley, known for its traditional wine farms.
After the lunch at Tua, the return journey by train to Pinhão begins.
The train ride offers you breathtaking views of the river, where photography lovers will have the opportunity to capture memorable moments.

Clay Workshop


Let your artistic side flow and participate in the clay workshop, a creative experience that allows all participants to explore the art and technique of working with clay.
This experience is an exciting opportunity to explore the art of traditional Portuguese ceramics.

Horseback Ride


Enjoy a two-hour horseback ride through Serra da Gralheira, a place of natural beauty, with mountain landscapes, deep valleys, streams and a diverse vegetation.
Horseback riding through the picturesque trails of Serra da Gralheira is an opportunity to establish a unique connection with nature and to appreciate the beauty of this corner in the north of Portugal.