Origin of the Lazarim Carnival


Lazarim, a small village in Lamego with just 500 residents, is famous throughout Portugal for its carnival celebrations.
The Lazarim carnival is an ancient celebration with little-known origins, based on pagan rituals.
For this reason, during the dictatorship, attempts were made to cancel the festivities, but without success.

What is Lazarim Carnival


The Lazarim carnival is known for its typical wooden masks, sculpted by local artisans: the "caretos" (male characters), the "senhorinhas" (female characters), the witches, and other animalistic figures.
This event is based on the rivalry between the men and women (caretos and senhorinhas), who participate in a parade through the streets of the village on the first tuesday of carnival.

After the parade,  the figures that represent the characters from both groups (called compadres) are burned. 

It all ends in a big party, with a feast of food and drinks for everyone.



Have fun in the "caretos" parades and in the typical activities for all the visitors, such as the throwing of flour, water and streamers.
You can also take part in the various community games, such as the donkey race, and taste the region's typical dishes, including "feijoada" and "caldo verde".
Have an unforgettable experience at the Lazarim carnival, where humor and joy represent the culture and history of this popular festival and this unique region.